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Connecting Californian travellers directly with NZ experiences, products and businesses that they should know about but may not find on their stay here in Aotearoa.

After the US launch, the INNZ team has identified a new direction which will help more New Zealand tourism operators introduce their experiences to a U.S. market that is actively looking for new and exciting vacation destinations. INNZ will connect users directly to NZ's best tourism offerings, delivering consumers direct access to the best experiences during their stay in NZ with no agents, no commissions and zero booking fees.

I Need New Zealand is primarily a multilevel marketing company that positions New Zealand tourism experiences into the hearts and minds of Americans. It’s awareness campaign was launched in Los Angeles in February 2019 after being in development for five years. Sadly, the global pandemic struck and INNZ was forced to regather. With some cutting edge technology and leading online strategies INNZ is ready to expand its American reach and is beginning to look to the future for other target audiences around the U.S. to bring to New Zealand.


The concept for INNZ is the culmination of content creation throughout New Zealand in the Tourism Sector by Small Town Media Limited. The team behind INNZ have been producing high quality tourism content over the last two decades for some of our largest tourism operators including a two year contract with New Zealand Tourism.

INNZ is now poised to expand and reach out further. Everything we have done to date has been measured and analysed. We have an ongoing commitment to evolve, tweak and improve the way in which we market. 

We will be back soon with new and exciting offers and experiences. Stay tuned.

When it comes to adventure, New Zealand has one of the best selections of experiences that will inspire and excite. From experiences that will have you feeling like Indiana Jones through to thrills that will make you feel on top of the world and leave you with a life long memory.



If all you need is to feel the sand between your toes, or deeply breathe some of the world's most purest air, or perhaps just see the stars in a crystal clear sky I NEED NEW ZEALAND can customise an incredible experience that helps you disconnect only to reconnect with Mother Nature.


Food is life, and in New Zealand we have such an array of culinary experiences that you can't help but to feel alive! Ignite your tastebuds with your most gourmet culinary desires, or try the worlds most pure paddock to plate dining experience, or perhaps just enjoy the simplest yet freshest meals such as Nins Bins Crayfish Caravan on the Kaikoura coast. The choice is endless.


Luxury in New Zealand is distinctive and uncompromised. We are home to some of the world's most luxurious experiences including but also beyond accommodation. We have some of the most unique, 'once in a lifetime' experiences that you can indulge in to satisfy your most prestigious and exotic NZ dreams.


For some, an ideal holiday is one that opens their hearts and minds to new experiences while doing activities that are active combined with healthy real foods that can maintain a good level of health. New Zealand has some of the best Healthy and Active travel experiences that include, cycling, skiing, hiking and so much more!


New Zealand is a country that proactively protects and nurtures it's indigenous Maori culture. It is something that we are proud to share and has to be experienced and felt to understand what a privilege it is. We also have a unique sport culture along with an incredible live music culture with some amazing outdoor venues.

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