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Man discovers stress cure like no other.

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Jerry was working hard. Some might say he was killing it at work. He was enjoying the satisfaction and praise from his colleagues but his work ethic was a little unsustainable. He had always considered himself self aware but when he slowly started drifting into depression he didn’t register that it was happening in small

but consistent increments until it was too much. 


Jerry woke up one day, ready as ever to work, he had his morning caffeine and as always knew what he needed to do for the day but for some reason his motivation wasn’t firing. He started procrastinating tasks which he would normally fly through to get that pat on the back.


Something was holding him back. He felt like someone had pulled on a handbrake. The engine was rev’ing but the wheels were spinning and smoking heading for a blow out. Jerry needed a break. To Jerry’s surprise his agency was very supportive in his request for time off, in fact they were eager for him to use his owed holidays. So Jerry started looking for somewhere to go.

He needed to disconnect, he needed a place to reset his mind and recharge the batteries, he needed to travel somewhere adventurous and new.

After a lot of online research he stumbled across a travel offering with a difference. He decided to take a leap of faith and go to the one place he had heard was breathtakingly beautiful and experience it’s wonder for himself. So Jerry booked a flight to New Zealand to see the Milford Sound. Many bloggers had made claims of how this place had the power to nurture the soul, there were descriptions of the air, the smells and the unusual acoustics of the space.

Jerry wanted to share his adventure, so he decided to make a list of the things that he felt made his trip different and distinctly New Zealand. For decades Milford Sound has been named one of the world’s top travel destination and is the most famous natural fiords in the Fiordland region. Like its sibling Doubtful Sound, it’s a rare place because it becomes even more stunning with rain. After rainfall, dozens of waterfalls begin to trickle down the cliff faces around the fiord. Many call it the “eighth wonder of the world” due to its jaw-dropping beauty. Milford Sound is also rich with aquatic life, native birds and distinctive natural features.

But here Jerry shares his top six best reasons to book a Milford Sound overnight cruise. For Jerry it was the trip of a lifetime.


1. The Milford Wanderer is a wonder in itself...

“I loved the contemporary take on a classic! The Milford Wanderer is a purpose-built modern vessel but it is designed in the style of a traditional trading scow to reflect Fiordland’s heritage. The vessel has private cabins or shared, and also houses a full bar and dining room. But the real magic happens on the viewing deck.”


2. The Nature Guides swept me away.

“Fiordland has some uniquely Southern Hemisphere creatures. My mind was expanded and I learnt about things unknown… all the while never once thought about work. The on-board nature guides worked to make my trip super memorable by sharing their knowledge about all the wildlife that surrounded us. They showed me the weird and wonderful. There is no where else I know of that lets you see dolphins, fur seals and even penguins swimming so close to shore surrounded by the trees on these epic cliffs!"


3. I got up close with a Kayak and a swimming adventure.

“I got so close to everything, wildlife and the place, it was a new connection as if my soul was being earthed! I took a guided shoreline cruise on a small boat to see the native plants on tho shore and from my kayak I saw all the detail of the black coral under the water. Black coral usually grows deep on the ocean floor but in the fiords there are unique conditions that allow it to be found in waters as shallow as 10 metres. I was here to do something different so I bravely tested the water with a swim, so pure… but also incredibly cold!


4. It’s an incredibly visual journey - beyond screens!

“Did I mention the scenery? Well, trust me, it’s unlike anywhere else on earth. It has steep cliffs descending into the water that stretch your eyes and make you realise how impressive mother nature is outside of the city. There are two main waterfalls which you’ll visit, and more importantly, touch! After it rains dozens more waterfalls form. The water can run down from as high as 1000 metres into the fiord. It’s spectacular. And although this was a tech free holiday, I made one exception, a good camera so that once I am back in L.A. I can refer to photos at revisit such a significant memory.”


5. Distinctly different to any other place on earth.

“Milford Sound is undoubtedly the most dramatic fiord in New Zealand in terms of scenery. To get there I had to do one of the most epic drives with the most epic views that i have ever done in my life. You suddenly realise all the films shot here are not actually fantastical special effects, this place is real, there is actually somewhere on this planet that is still pure and pristine and ready to take you in, wrap you in awe, and look after you for a wee while. It is a place I won’t ever forget and it definitely made me realise what’s important.”


6. The Food.

“I was amazed at the quality of food in what felt like the middle of nowhere. I guess when you have natural produce at your fingertips and passionate people preparing food, whats on your plate (or sometimes in the brown paper bag while you take in a view from a secluded shore) is simply exquisite. It’s just one more reason how the Milford Sound washes over you and cleanses you. I had new perspective, new drive, and by my departure back to L.A. I felt like I was a different person."

Jerry booked his experience through I NEED NEW ZEALAND. Custom build your perfect New Zealand experience just like Jerry with the help of one of their friendly specialised New Zealand travel agents.

Milford Sound was recently featured in the latest I Need New Zealand campaign featuring legendary drummer Max Weinberg. When Max took up the opportunity to face the campaign we asked him a simple question of his times in New Zealand... 'What is your favourite New Zealand experience?' and not surprisingly Milford Sound topped the list!


~ Max Weinberg, Rock n' Roll Hall of Famer & drummer for the E-Street Band.

All journeys are a series of moments, intimate connections with people and places.

The great adventures can change you, heal the soul. ​

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